When everything grinds to a halt because of the snow, one small boy and his teddy bear refuse to allow the weather to spoil their fun. They embark on an amazing journey in which they ride a polar bear and meet huge snowmen, an ice queen, fairies, elves, a giant reindeer and Father Christmas.

And at the very end of the story, in a wonderfully cosy and festive fireside scene, there's a clever twist - he has simply become immersed in the magical scenes of his favourite book.


Richard Collingridge was born in London Hammersmith, studied Illustration then went to Paris to live for a while (4 years),

then got bored and decided to come back to England.

At about the age of five Richard noticed that real people didn't look like a bunch of sticks with a circle on the top.

But to his amazement, no one else in his classroom, including the teachers, seemed to be able to see this.

So with this secret in mind, he decided that when he grew up, he wanted to draw pictures for a living.

He has always enjoyed creating different worlds and universes for his non-stick people, and after illustrating book covers

and other people's stories, he decided to put some words next to his own drawings.

This seemed to work quite well - Debut novel ‘When it Snows’ is out now & his second ‘Lionheart’ will be out in a while.

His clients include David Fickling Books, Walker Books, Albin Michel, Feiwel & Friends, Frances Lincoln, Hodder Children's,

Tamarind, Aschehoug & Co, The Phoenix Comic, Red Fox, Gottmar, WSOY and Random House Childrens Books.

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